Now that The Art of the Tart has closed for business I find myself spending time on the couch petting the cats and watching Dr. Phil.

I'm therefore interested to hear about writing or editing opportunities.

Kate Weiner — baker since 2007
Following an endless career in magazines — from stints at Life, People, House & Garden, Vanity Fair and a marathon at Town & Country (including along the way, a specialty in oriental rugs) — I finally fled the melée for pastures green and, in what can only be described as a fugue state, began to make puff-pastry by hand and to sell puff-pastry tarts at the Millbrook (NY) Farmers’ Market.

My often irritating perfectionism now finds outlet in my insistence on absolute freshness and highest quality available for all I produce. I  also feel enormous affection for my customers and wonder why it took so long to find my métier.

Email me at: theartofthetart@gmail.com


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