I very much regret to announce that after ten years The Art of the Tart is no more. We ceased doing business following Labor Day 2018. 

It was a good run.

The Art of the Tart ~ rustic tarts in the French style

I make three tart sizes. The tartlet is 3" x 3", serves one and costs $6. The medium tart is 10" x 6", serves about three and costs $20. The large tart is 14" x 10", serves about eight and costs $35.

In addition to tarts I also now make mountains of palmiers -- also known as elephant ears or palm leaves. They're $4 each and bewitching.

Kate J. Weiner, Sole Proprietor, Clinton Corners, NY 12514
(845) 868-7107


Oh the summer is a wonderful time!


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