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Fresh from the Farm: 

The Daily Beast:

"There's very little private puff pastry-making anymore. I'm not even sure that many people nowadays could reliably identify puff pastry as puff pastry. Immersed as I am in the stuff, I've been slow to realize this; but after three years of "You make your own puff pastry?" or more likely, "Who makes your puff pastry?" I now see that by the standards of modern American society, I do something comparable to concocting my own laundry detergent...." 
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WNYC's Last Chance Foods:

Discussing quince:
"Quince. No, not quints, as in babies, but quince, as in fruit. Yes, it’s fruit—a pretty ancient one at that. There’s some speculation that what the serpent handed Eve was a quince, and not an apple at all. One indisputable fact is that quince used to be grown throughout the New York area. These days, however, much of New York’s current population...." 
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Discussing Mirabelle plums:
"About 25 years ago, Terhune Orchards in Salt Point, N.Y., received an unexpected gift. A family friend admired the orchard because it reminded her of her hometown in Northern France. Then, one year, she arrived with a cutting from a plum tree from France....." 
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The New York Times:

"Local Flavor at Hudson Valley Farmers' Markets...."
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Other highlights:

  •  The Art of the Tart was nominated as a 2008 delegate to Terra Madre – or Slow Food – conference in Turin, Italy.
  • Member of Slow Food USA


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