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Pears sautéed in butter and cardamom with caramel sauce.

This business is now closed. It's with great regret that after ten years we announce the permanent end of tarts. 

 Homemade Puff-Pastry Sweet and Savory Tarts
We make fresh, small-batch puff-pastry by hand and combine it with seasonal fruits and vegetables to produce first-quality tarts, palmiers and hors d'oeuvres in the French style. We stint on nothing in the process.

It was my intention from the outset to make the highest-quality French-style tarts I could — a process that takes three days. All the puff-pastry is made by hand in small batches; and each tart is cut and shaped individually. No stinting on butter — I use prodigious amounts of an expensive European-style version with an especially high butterfat content. My fruit and jam are bought carefully and are of the least adulterated quality.

One bite will tell you you're eating something special.

This is SLOW FOOD.

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Tartlets are just right for one.


I baked for this recent wedding. The couple veered from tradition and chose apple tartlets instead of wedding cake. It was a great success.

Apricots poached in saffron syrup.

Slow-roasted cherry tomatoes with coarse-grained mustard, toasted cashews and lemon-thyme.

Peaches poached in Riesling and mint.

Mirabelle plums poached in sweet Marsala.

Peaches poached in brandy on a bed of crushed Amaretti snaps.


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